The American dream while Black: 'Locked in a vicious cycle'

Homeownership is supposed to be the gateway to the American dream. Black Americans have been denied access.
'They are obsessed': Why Germany has so much riding on the U.S. election

"This is the most important U.S. election in the history of Germany," one former ambassador said.
Microsoft to 'move quickly' on TikTok deal following Trump talks

The U.S. tech giant said discussions with the Chinese company that owns the platform would be completed by Sept. 15.
Democrats warn GOP: Don't fill a 2020 Supreme Court vacancy

Senate talk of a potential — but uncertain — opening close to a presidential election has reignited a clash over the future of the court.
Combative and supremely loyal, Peter Navarro has emerged as one of Trump's most powerful aides

"When the president says jump ... he just jumps through the roof without asking questions," one former official said.

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