Huge crowds flood Hong Kong to demand embattled leader step down

On Saturday, the territory's chief executive announced the government would suspend debate on the extradition bill — a major victory for protesters.
Trump's order to slash number of science advisory boards blasted by critics

"It's no longer death by a thousand cuts. It's taking a knife to the jugular,” one science advocate said of the order to eliminate a third of the advisory boards.
Fatherhood is a balancing act of both nerves and joy. I love it.

Part of what makes parenthood both so exhilarating and so overwhelming is that the stakes are huge and clear answers are elusive.
Slain U.S. troops give life to civilians thousands of miles from home

"Every organ that is donated in Germany is a success story because we only had 955 organ donors in 2018, from a population of 80 million."
Dolphins along the Gulf Coast are dying at triple the normal rate, scientists say

This spring's momentous floodwaters or the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill could be the cause.

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