Trump names Mick Mulvaney acting chief of staff

Mulvaney, who currently serves as budget director, will take over from chief of staff John Kelly, who is due to leave at the end of the year.
Mueller memo denies Flynn was coerced into lying to FBI

Federal prosecutors said Flynn, given his extensive law enforcement experience, should have known better than to lie to federal investigators.
Seven-year-old Jakelin Caal, who died at border, did not receive medical care for 90 minutes

The death of Jakelin Caal raises questions about the Border Patrol's procedures and the Trump administration's policy of delaying migrants at legal ports of entry.
Men's rights activists are attacking women's scholarships. The DOE is listening.

The Department of Education is investigating Title IX complaints from men who say universities discriminate against them in supporting female students.
Boy Scouts of America considering bankruptcy

Companies are balking at paying settlements in response to sexual abuse allegations.

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