House Dems push ahead with bid to terminate Trump's emergency declaration

It's expected to easily pass the House — and GOP Senate leaders won't be able to block it from reaching the floor for a vote there.
Chicago police reveal how Smollett case was cracked

Chicago police chief said they were suspicious of Smollett's hate crime claim but gave him the "benefit of the doubt."
Pilot in deadly California house crash was warned of weather

Pilot Antonio Pastini died along with four people on the ground when the wreckage struck and burned a house in suburban Yorba Linda, south of Los Angeles.
Church of England changes 400-year-old rule about Sunday services

It will no longer be required for all churches to hold a Sunday service due to declining attendance and many priests responsible for multiple churches.
Sri Lanka family takes fateful boat trip to Australia

The last time Rajakumari Sri Kulasingham received a phone call from her daughter was May 22, 2013. She told her mother that she and her family were headed to eastern Sri Lanka to board a smuggler’s boat.

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