Trump calls impeachment vote 'stupid,' crowd chants 'send her back!' at Omar

The president returned Wednesday to slamming four American congresswomen he has falsely tried to portray as foreigners.
More than 20 feared dead in suspected arson at Kyoto animation studio

"The arson murder that took place in Kyoto today took away many many lives. The gruesomeness of it all — I’m at a loss for words," the country's prime minister said.
Television made the Apollo 11 moon landing a moment of national unity

Technology allowed nearly all Americans to watch the first man walk on the moon together. Today, it's created conditions where they likely wouldn't.
In massive protest, thousands call for Puerto Rico governor to resign

"If he does not leave now, this is going to get worse," said reggaeton star Residente ahead of the massive protest.
Is Jeffrey Epstein so rich he's not a flight risk?

It’s a question a judge has to answer, as Epstein’s fabulous wealth allows him to convert his mansion into a high-tech prison — and argue for house arrest.

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