Democrats take cautious view of subpoena powers as they ready investigations

As they prepare to take over the House majority, top Democrats warn that the powerful tool is not a magic wand.
9/11 hangs over assurances that the Taliban has changed

“I don’t think that the Taliban loves Al Qaeda. But it does not necessarily mean that they can easily control them,” one expert warned.
Hemp industry expected to blossom under new Farm Bill

"This is a cultural shift," said one purveyor of cannabidiol, CBD, a compound derived from hemp.
Backup QB Nick Foles does it again: Eagles beat Rams on the road

The Eagles had long ago proven they can win games with Nick Foles. The biggest games, even. But this season looked like too much of a mess for any one player to fix. Instead, Foles led the Eagles to a 30-23 win over the Rams on the road.
Rudy Giuliani claims Michael Cohen hush payments, possible Russia collusion 'not a crime'

Giuliani asserted in two contentious Sunday show interviews that there has been no wrong doing on the part of the president.

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