It's getting tougher for migrants to claim asylum at U.S. ports of entry

In 40 years, an immigration advocate says, he's not seen border officers keep asylum seekers from making asylum claims at ports of entry — until now.
How Candace Owens suddenly became the loudest voice on the far right

Can Trump's new favorite pundit bring young and minority voters to the Republican party?
Melissa Gilbert: Finally choosing to age naturally was the best decision

I did not anticipate loving myself as much at this age without "help," but I know now the joy in having earned my face.
Lorena Bobbitt was a late-night punchline. Now we know better.

The larger context of the case — domestic violence, women's rights — faded from view 25 years ago.
Netflix exec out over alleged N-word use

In a memo to staff, the streaming service's CEO Reed Hastings described two incidents where Friedland used the racial slur.

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