U.S. immigration system approved thousands of child marriages in past decade

“The United States condemns child marriages overseas, but we are not taking the steps to condemn it within our own borders,” one advocate said.
TSA, FAA and FDA hit hard as government shutdown continues

The front lines of aviation security are feeling the pressure with 51,000 TSA employees on the job but not getting paid. Federal workers in the FDA and the FAA continue to feel the pressure as well. NBC’s Tom Costello reports for TODAY.
'Daddy's home': First days of freedom after escaping a life sentence

Edward Douglas is among the first prisoners freed by the First Step Act, rescued from a life sentence for crack cocaine and now navigating a changed world.
5 key storylines ahead of the Oscar nominations

A legendary auteur and a heavy-hitting streaming service could notch milestones.
Students at center of D.C. march video will see police and protesters at school

Authorities are investigating threats against some of the students at the school.

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