U.S. service members killed by explosion in Syria

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack, which came just weeks after President Trump said "we have beaten them and we have beaten them badly."
Theresa May narrowly survives no-confidence vote after Brexit plan is crushed

"We are living through an historic moment in our nation's history," May said before the vote. "We dearly need to bring our country back together."
Pelosi asks Trump to move State of the Union or submit it in writing

The speaker said Wednesday the president should wait until government re-opens to give the speech.
California torture house: Adult kids aren't bitter after alleged abuse

"They came from a situation that seemed normal to them. And now, they're in a new normal," said the attorney for the adult children.
Rep. Steve King crossed the line on race by using a bullhorn, not a dog whistle

Analysis: It wasn't until King was quoted defending white supremacy that he found himself booted from the congressional committees where he served.

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